About Us

Welcome to Mediskore.com

Hi, my name is Hugo Gallegos founder of MediSkore.com.

Mediskore.com is a Practitioner-only referral platform for medical providers that is powered by a patent pending proprietary
scoring metric algorithm system used to score doctors. This complex formula is based on many variables dedicated to
each type of healthcare professional, ultimately laying the foundation as one data point of quality measures for the way
medical providers are scored. It’s time medical providers tell their story that strictly pertains to their professional career
history while relying on relevant and factual information, simplifying the process of better aligning doctors and healthcare
consumers through actionable quality measures.

After launching my first start-up in the healthcare industry while in my mid 20’s, followed by several other start-ups launched.
Throughout the years I began to see that only one side of the story was consistently being told when it came to doctor scoring,
reviews and ratings. Yet, all of the scoring methodologies and metrics used within were not just generic, but more importantly
were very limited and not relevant to say the least when it came to doctor ratings. After spending many years pouring through
big data and with my prior extensive knowledge of doctor credentialing, I concluded that these types of metrics used to review
a doctor was not fair to healthcare consumers nor doctors themselves, and that their needed to be more innovation regarding
better quality of scoring metrics used to determine a doctor’s score, such as developing a scoring metric algorithm that can
be used as a foundation for quality measures. Years later MediSkore.com was born.