About Us

Welcome to Mediskore.com

Mediskore® is a practitioner-only referral platform for medical providers, powered by a proprietary scoring
metric algorithm system used to score practitioners. The power of Mediskore® lies in the fact that it is an
easy-to-interpret metric that takes into account many different factors, putting an advanced interpretation
into a single figure. This patented technological system has a complex formula based on many variables
dedicated to each type of healthcare professional, ultimately laying the foundation as one data point of
quality measures for the way in which medical providers are scored. Medical providers can now tell their
stories in a way that pertains strictly to their professional career histories while relying on relevant and
factual information. This simplifies the process of better aligning doctors and healthcare consumers
through efficient and actionable quality measures.


Mediskore® was founded by Hugo Gallegos, a seasoned start-up founder and entrepreneur. Years later,
Mediskore.com was acquired by MediVerity Inc DBA medifees.com, a Wisconsin-based healthcare
transparency start-up.